About Bark Michigan

The Bark Michigan story
Bark Michigan is apparel and accessories for the dog lovers of Michigan. Everyone knows the lower peninsula of Michigan looks like a mitten, but we thought the U.P. looked like our big-eared pup Oliver.

Bark Michigan represents all of the adventures you and your four-legged friend can find in our great state.

Do you have sizing info?
Yes, individual sizing information can be found on the details link within each product posting.

Why don’t you have a shirt for my dog’s breed?
We’re always adding new designs to the product line. If you have a suggestion, we would live to hear from you!

I want more cool dogs in my life, what can I do?
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The crew:



Duties: Design and marketing

Favorite treat: Whatever you just dropped

Hobbies: Squirrel watching

Secret talent: He can jump like Jordan

Favorite product: German Shepherd shirt



Duties: finding the next big thing. (as soon as she remembers where she buried it).

Hobbies: Following celebrity dogs on instagram.

Favorite treat: Ice Cream

Favorite Song: J.G. Wentworth theme song

Favorite product: Jack Russell bag



Duties: Spreading the word about Bark Michigan

Goals: To be featured in his own GoPro commercial

Hobbies: Spying on the neighbors

Favorite treat: doughnut holes from the Tim Horton’s drive-through.

Favorite product: German Shepherd bandanna